This is a method of applying decorative designs onto fabric using a needle. These images are traditionally rendered in thread and are composed of different kinds of stitches. This unique process lends itself well to a wide array of fabrics and products. Logos, names and other images are possible with embroidery.

Direct Garment Printing

Direct-to-garment printing (DTG) is a process of printing on textiles using specialized ink jet technology. DTG printers typically have a jig designed to hold the garment in a fixed position, and the printer inks are jetted or sprayed onto the textile by the print head. Images and text reproduce with high quality results using this process. The image produced is permanent, and is ideal for individual items as well as larger runs.

Silk Screening

Silk screening is a process which is used to create prints on a wide variety of materials, from fabric to wood. It requires the use of a screen with the desired image created upon it. Multiple colors require multiple screens. This process produces quality results that are permanent. It is best used for large runs as it can be cost prohibitive for small amounts.

While we do not have apparel imprinting equipment on-site, we work with a variety of reputable vendors that provide quality affordable products for our clients.

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